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Red Catheter Tube & Connector Red Catheter Tube & Connector

Plastic Connector Piece – this piece connects the red catheter tube to the clear or transparent blue tube that came with your enema bucket or bag. It may help to cut a small piece of the pointy end off to increase flow of liquid.

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Essiac Tea Essiac Tea

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Enema Kit Enema Kit

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SA Wilsons Organic Gold Roast Enema Coffee SA Wilsons Organic Gold Roast Enema Coffee

This Organic Enema Coffee is blended specifically with enemas in mind-it has a higher concentration of caffeine and palmitic acid than regular coffee. Caffeine and palmitic acid are the ingredients that make coffee such an effective colon cleanser. This is coffee is selected and roasted with proprietary methods to ensure the beneficial ingredients are not destroyed. Organic coffee alone is not acceptable for use in coffee enemas. It still contains known carcinogens. This coffee has been independently tested to ensure its purity. Use for Gerson Therapy, detox, weight loss, cleanses and intimate hygiene. Increase mental clarity and general well being. For the best results, you should store the coffee in an air tight container in a cool, dry and dark place. Coffee beans, before they are roasted are naturally green in color. Because of the very different method of processing the coffee, we do not burn out all of that green color. The dark color of normally roasted beans is caused by the beans being burnt, that, of course, also burns out much of the very things we are looking for in a good enema coffee.

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